Camera Tips

Tips for Filming your game

  1. Make sure you have charged batteries and backups that are fully charged.

  2. Make sure you have the power cable

  3. Make sure the lens is clean (use a lens cloth only to clean)

  4. DO NOT film into the sun if at all possible. 

  5. Film from the highest possible vantage point

  6.  Use a tripod, do not film by hand. ALWAYS level the camera

  7. Film in sections (thirds) this helps avoid panning too much.

  8. Film at a medium angle ie, not too tight that you only see the player and not so wide that everyone is very very small. Rule of them is capture about 30+ yards worth of width. Error on the side of too wide.

  9. Zoom in a bit if play is on far side of field and you are filming from ground level.

  10. Follow the play, not the player. The ball does not need to be dead center. For more information on framing the shot see filming field sports document.

  11. Whenever possible the defending goal should be in the frame as well as the attacking play. This eliminates blurry panning on a quick shot or missing a goal altogether.

  12. If raining cover the camera with the plastic bag (small grocery bag) and keep trying to film, if it gets impossible to keep the camera dry, stop.



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