March 2nd, 2022

CAP Chat Live headed to Kansas City for the United Soccer Coaches Convention. We spent two days on Podcast Row gathering some of the best interviews we could find.  

HOST: Josh Tyler
CO-HOST: Joe Wyland
GUEST: Jen Klein
Head Women’s Soccer Coach
University of Michigan
CAP Chat Live! Presented by Park Place Java Live on Podcast Row at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas
  • What is your definition of Leadership?
  • Can you spot leadership on the field while recruiting?
  • Can you develop into a leader, or is it just a natural trait?
  • How does leadership affect a team culture?
  • Can you have too many leaders on a team?
  • Who were you mentors that were great leaders?
  • What do you think of the young women going pro out of high? And how that will affect College soccer

Presented by: Park Park Java


Hosts & Guests

Josh Tyler

Joe Wyland

Jennifer Klein

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