Jan 24, 2022

CAP Chat Live headed to Kansas City for the United Soccer Coaches Convention. We spent two days on Podcast Row gathering some of the best interviews we could find.  

Dr. Tiffany Jones

Currently Dr. Tiff is the Mental Performance Coach to Division 3 Powerhouses William Smith College, Bowdoin College, and Lynchburg University. Greg Norman Championship Golf Academy and the Meghan Klingenberg Soccer Camps also use Dr. Tiff as their primary sport and performance psychology consultant as do many professional and Olympic athletes/coaches from around the world.
Dr. Tiff has consulted with several different Division I athletic departments such as Louisiana State University, North Carolina State University, Kennesaw State University, Penn State Women’s Soccer, and Davidson Women’s Soccer. She currently consults with Women’s Volleyball (2017 NCAA Runner-Up) and Soccer programs (2017 Great Eight) at the University of Florida, several sports from the University of Connecticut (UCONN), and South Alabama Women’s Soccer Program.
Dr. Tiff was also a consultant for the USA U-20 Women’s National Soccer Teams (World Cup Champions 2008; 2010)
HOST: Josh Tyler
GUEST: Dr. Tiffany Jones
Dr. Tiff and Josh discuss how coaches and players can help manage anxiety and stress when he comes with athletic performance, including the importance of the players on the bench.

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Hosts & Guests

Josh Tyler

Dr. Tiffany Jones

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