On Wednesday the NCAA Division I council announced that they are extending the recruiting Dead Period for all sports through May 31st. At that point it will have been 14 months since DI coaches have seen a live soccer game for recruitment.




“After careful consideration of all available information, the Council agreed that an extension of the dead period through May 31 was necessary,” council chair and Penn athletic director M. Grace Calhoun said in a statement. “However, there is a strong commitment to use the next several weeks to outline the transition plan back to recruiting activities post June 1 and to provide those plans to prospective student-athletes, their families and the NCAA membership no later than April 15.”

What is a Dead Period? Simply put: A Division I coach can not have any in person contact with a prospective student athlete, or their parents, on or off campus. They can not attend camps, watch games, or have campus visits.

They can: Watch game film and respond to emails or phone calls (assuming you are past June 15th heading into your junior year).

Keep your head up everyone: keep plugging away, keep emailing, keep attending showcases to get game film. Keep on plugging away and good things will happen. Keep on Keeping on!