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Cap University is a comprehensive online guide that will walk you through the recruitment process: step-by-step, grade-by-grade, month-by-month, including grade checks each year. This is for the players that like a self-guided approach.

The CAP University Grade-By-Grade courses are free for all Rush Players. Fill out the form on the CAP University page to get your discount code.

CAP+ Members have free access to ALL CAP University courses as well as the opportunity to take them in a virtual classroom setting with CAP University Live!


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Take the guesswork out of requirements for college sports while getting your school, students, and families on the same page. 

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A comprehensive online guide that will walk you through the recruitment process including grade checks each year.

About CAP

The College Advisory Program for Rush Soccer is an in-depth, EXCLUSIVE, player-focused program that gives Rush players support, services, and resources to maximize their success, whether they plan to play collegiate soccer or not. 

With over 11,000 high school players across the country, CAP is able to provide opportunities to be seen by college coaches that can not be matched.

All of our Rush players receive FREE access to CAP Navigate and exclusive materials and support. That makes Rush Soccer the leader in youth soccer and the largest and most comprehensive College Advisory Program in the country!


CAP Chat

CAP Chat Live: VEO III

CAP Chat Live: VEO III


In this conversation, Josh Tyler and Jono Callaghan from Veo discuss the features and advancements of the Veo camera system. They talk about the correct pronunciation of Veo and the new Veo Camera 3, which allows for live streaming to various platforms. They also discuss the analytics capabilities of Veo, including player spotlight and individual player analysis. The conversation covers topics such as connectivity options, charging and battery life, weatherproofing, and the affordability of Veo. Jono also mentions future developments in AI and hardware, with a focus on making sports tech accessible to all.

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Maddie moreau

Maddie moreau

Maddie Moreau, a professional soccer player, shares her journey from playing in Louisiana to transferring to West Virginia and eventually joining Bay FC in the NWSL. She discusses the challenges she faced, including being underestimated due to her height, and how she used those challenges as motivation to work harder. Maddie also talks about her transition from forward to defender and the influence of players like Kelly O’Hara. She encourages young players to embrace any position they are given and make the most of it. The conversation concludes with a discussion about Maddie’s experience at Bay FC. Maddie Moreau shares her journey from college soccer to becoming a professional player. She talks about the process of getting signed and the challenges she faced along the way. Maddie emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and knowing your strengths as a player. She also discusses the transition from college to professional soccer and the role of sports psychology in her game. Maddie mentions the influence of veteran players and how she looks up to them while also recognizing that they make mistakes too. She reflects on the impact she can have as a role model for young girls and the importance of finding balance in life.

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CAP Chat live! Elite Players

CAP Chat live! Elite Players


In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to soccer, including their new book on college soccer recruitment. They also touch on the importance of making direct contact with college coaches and avoiding relying solely on social media for exposure. The hosts then transition to the main topic of the conversation: how to best support elite soccer players who aspire to play at the next level. They approach this topic from the perspectives of a college coach, a parent, and a Rush College Kaplan. The conversation ends with a discussion on the importance of player development and the role of coaches in guiding young athletes. The conversation explores how to support high-level players, specifically those who are deeply passionate about soccer. The hosts discuss the difference between a player who loves the game and a player who is a ‘soccer junkie.’ They emphasize the importance of balance and longevity in a player’s development, as well as the need for intrinsic motivation. The conversation also touches on the role of parents in supporting their child’s aspirations and the challenges of defining what it means to be an elite player. They suggest looking for objective indicators, such as being sought after by other clubs or receiving interest from college recruiters.

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