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Rush Highlight Video Program

Rush Soccer & CAP is excited to provide you with high quality highlight videos at an affordable price. Highlight videos are one of the most important part of the recruitment process and we wanted to be able to provide you with a valuable resource.

$299 per Player


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All you need to do is upload 2-3 full games and we take care of the rest...it's that easy!

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Why Rush?

We know how important it is for you to have a highlight video throughout the recruitment process. We also know how hard it is to put your own together, let alone find a company that you trust.

This is where we come in at. Let us create your highlight video. We will do the work for you to ensure you put your best foot forward with college coaches!

Sample Videos

Coaches want to see much more than just you making a pass. What about where the pass ends up? What about you winning a head ball? Soccer is so much more than just a completed pass

Soccer Highlight videos created by soccer coaches! Get a highlight video from a College Coach, not just someone who is good at editing videos

A Bad highlight video is worse than no video at all. You might only get one shot in front of a coach...make it count!

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Let's get started on your highlight video! Rush and CAP are here to help

Camera Tips

Here are some tips for filming your game