We know how important it is for you to have a highlight video throughout the recruitment process. We also know how hard it is to put your own together, let alone find a company that you trust.

This is where we come in at. Let us create your highlight video. We will do the work for you to ensure you put your best foot forward with college coaches!


Let Rush Create Your Highlight Video For You

Rush Soccer & CAP is excited to provide you with high quality highlight videos at an affordable price. Highlight videos are one of the most important part of the recruitment process and we wanted to be able to provide you with a valuable resource.

Let Rush Create Your Highlight Video

Only $250! 

$175  for CAP+ Members



What is the Cost?

It is only $250 per player for a Highlight Video. You will get the first round of edits free. After that it will be $50 per round of edits. We don’t anticipate you will want any edits though. CAP+ Members will recieve $75 off! only $175

What does that include?

Our team of current and former athletes and coaches will find the best clips of your 3 games film that you provide. You don’t have to mark the games, or go minute-by-minute: we will do that for you.

What makes this different than other companies?

To start it is backed by the College Advisory Program and Rush Soccer. We know how important highlight videos are to the recruitment process and we wanted to provide the best possible resource for you: without spending thousands. Secondly, the staff is all current and former athletes and coaches who know just what college coaches like to see

How do I get Started?

All you need is your 3 game film and then sign up HERE

Do I need to provide Game Film?

Yes. There are a lot of ways to film games. Current Cell phones do a great job. You can provide a link, or we will send you a way to upload them directly.

How long until I receive my highlight video?

Normally between 3-4 weeks depending on how busy we are, but sooner if possible! What is most important to us is that your finished highlight video is not rushed and the entirety of your event is captured.

How will I receive my video?

We will upload it to Rush Soccer’s Vimeo Page for you and provide you with a link so you can download it and use as you see fit. 

Do you have tips for filming a game?

Of course we do! Click HERE