Academic scholarships

FACT: You will get substantially more scholarship for Academics than Athletics

FACT: Only 1.3% of athletes receive a full or partial athletic scholarship

CAP is for EVERYONE, not just those that want to play in college. As a club, we must help 100% of our players, not just those who are lucky enough to continue to play.

Josh Tyler

National CAP Director

Magoosh Gaurentees a 4+ increase on the ACT and 100+ increase on SAT
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Wolfram|Alpha is a unique engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis and generate reports
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Honest Game technology transforms any high school transcript into a uniform college athletic compliance ready report, allowing high school students, parents, counselors, club teams and coaches to work together to plan a clear path to academic eligibility.
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Peer Tutoring


Rush helping Rush!


CAP University offers courses for Academic Focused players. All Courses are FREE for CAP+ Members Including:

  • Grade Checks
  • Scholarship Finders

Non-CAP+ members have free access to all Grade-Level Courses