Dylan Grunztel CAP Chat

CAP Chat (1)
Join National College Advisory Program Director, Josh Tyler, as he chats with Bethany College Head Women's Soccer Coach, Dylan Grunztel. Dylan talks about his love for Cheesecake, Coffee and Potato skins, as well as the worst highlight video he has received, then..we end with  with Rapid Fire Questions.  
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Topics and Questions: 
  1. What is the NAIA
  2. Misconceptions for NAIA
  3. What does your fall season look like?
  4. Has the NAIA waived the SAT/ACT?
  5. What is the best way to get noticed?
  6. What talent do you see coming thru NAIA
  7. What is your coaching Methodology?
  8. What formation do you love?
  9. What is the worst highlight video?
  10. What is the worst email you have received.
  11. Recruitment advice.