Questions to Ask on a Recruiting Visit

"Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions. 

Ask Different People the Same Question.

Speak With Everyone  – Not Just Soccer People.

Don’t Be Shy.  Be Assertive."

Academic Questions

  •       What percentage of players with scholarships graduate in four years?
  •       What is the typical class size?
  •       Describe the academic support program.
  •       Does a tutor travel with the team?
  •       Describe the typical day for a student-athlete.
  •       How good is the department in my planned major?
  •      Is there a team study hall?

College Life Questions

  •       What are the residence halls like?  Clean? How many to a room?
  •       Will I be required to live on campus throughout my athletics participation?
  •       Is everything within walking distance?
  •       Will I need a car?  Does the campus have a bus system?  Is there a charge?
  •       Are students friendly?  Are students relaxed?
  •       How do you feel about Fraternities and Sororities?
  •       Is it an active campus or do kids go away for the weekends?
  •       Are athletics (particularly soccer) popular on campus?
  •       Is there any crime on campus? Safety issues?

Financial Aid Questions

  •       Is financial aid available for summer  school?
  •       What are the financial aid details?
  •       What does my scholarship cover?
  •       What can I receive in addition to the scholarship?  Camps?
  •       How do I get more aid?
  •       What happens to my financial aid or scholarship if I'm injured?
  •       What are the opportunities for employment while I'm a student?


  •       What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  •       Where does our school rank on your list?
  •       What other schools are you considering?
  •       What schools are looking at you?
  •       Are you looking for a scholarship?  How much?
  •       Have you received offers from any other school?
  •       Have you completed a financial aid form?
  •       Are you or your parents willing to borrow money to fund your education?
  •       When will you make a decision?


  •       What position(s) do you see me playing for your program?
  •       Describe the other players competing at the same position.
  •       Is the program supported and fully funded by the Athletic department?
  •       Can I "red-shirt" my first year?  Does the school red-shirt you if you are injured?
  •       What are the physical requirements each year?
  •       Is there a summer conditioning program.
  •       Does the team have to fundraise for any of their soccer gear?
  •       How would you best describe your coaching style?
  •       What is the team’s style of play?
  •       Do you, as the head coach, plan on staying for the four years I would be here?
  •       Describe the walk-on situation.  How many make it, compete, and earn a scholarship?
  •       What are training sessions like?  How long are they?
  •       Are there curfews?
  •       What are the team rules and how are they enforced?
  •       What is preseason training like?
  •       What is spring season like?
  •       Where does the team stay on road trips?
  •       How does the team travel to away games?
  •       Where do we live and eat on road trips?  Who pays?
  •       What do you have to buy for road trips?
  •       Will I miss many classes for road trips?  Will professors “put up” with this?
  •       How many other recruits have made visits?  What positions do they play?
  •       Are any players transferring to the school?
  •       Have any players transferred from the school?  Why?
  •       Am I required to play soccer in the off-season?  Summer? Where?
  •       What is the availability and chance of receiving a scholarship?
  •       How much is the school prepared to offer?

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