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What are Regional Showcase Teams?

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Regional Showcase Teams FAQ

The goal is provide Rush players with additional playing opportunities and to maximize their exposure to college coaches
Yes! You can attend as many as you would like.
Absolutely. That is what makes The Showcase Teams so valuable is that if you are in California and want to attend school in the Midwest or East Coast: Go to one of those Showcase Events to be around the coaches in that area
This will vary from event to event. If we have 16-2005 girls, we will have a full 2005 team. If we have 8- 2005 and 8-2004 girls we will have a 2004/2005 Girls Team entered.
This will vary from event to event. We always try to have a local Rush Coach, who also is a college coach be involved with the teams. But, these events are less about the coach and more about the players learning and figuring the game out.
Yes. We do ask that everyone stays at the same hotel. These are events are much more than just the games. We will be having team dinners, breakfast, meetings, CAP sessions and more.
Yes. You are able to stay with your family.
No, the hotel is seperate. But we will have a block of hotel rooms reserved.
As soon as the list is published we will send it out to everyone. Prior to that, we will be sending out email templates to reach out to coaches to invite them to attend.
No, you are able to use your current Rush uniform
If we have two number 10's: We will email both players and see if someone is able to borrow a jersey
We will be using College Fit Finder for our rosters and will be emailing them out to the coaches in advance.